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Who I am

I began making art at an early age, if you want to go way back, I used to draw on my dolls faces. At some point I moved from dolls to painting and drawing on canvas and paper. After private art lessons came a formal art education at Hofstra University in Long Island New York, where I experienced many materials to create art.

Art became a way for me to express feelings and connect with the world through visual ideas.


Through an interest in collecting I became aware of art glass. I shared this interest with my Father Delmo Tarsitano. We started a hot glass studio in 1975. Sadly Dad passed in 1991, sending me on an artistic exploration reinventing my work, my life and myself.


Today I strive to create cast glass elements that can seamlessly be combined with oil painting to express an idea. The designs and motifs I create are staged on canvas covered wood boards. Iam exploring ways to reinvent the oil painting using glass elements.


The jewelry you see on this site are small wearable studies for my cast glass sculptures. I feel they are just as important as the larger works. In time I hope they will become part of the larger works historical record. I like the idea of being able to wear small studies that relate to larger artworks; in this way collectors are able to share in the artworks development.


 I see limitless possibilities in combining the many materials and techniques I've mastered over the years. I want to use those techniques to create artwork that brings people together through truth. I am also committed to creating art that starts conversations. Art can be a vehicle for understanding and change, a universal language. I am interested in helping everyone find and enjoy art- instead.


Debbie Tarsitano