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Art That Tells Your Story

My artwork is about you and the outside world. It is not made of my opinions or personal likes. It is all about you. I am a witness, a translator - word for word. It is a great responsibility to tell the story properly. 

The world runs through me, then into the work, as a gift of truth. Lasting art tells the story unfolding outside the artist. It makes what artists create meaningful and worthy of your time and attention, now and into the future.

My artwork and jewelry tells your story, not mine or that of what is popular. It strives to touch your humanity, your care for the world, and what you want to leave behind for the future, when you pass the work onto future generations. I am always trying to get better at conveying truth. That is not easy. Artists sometimes need to do what is not popular.

We always want to create a better future. Artists observe and translate experiences into a language everyone can understand.

My sculptural jewelry makes art available and reachable for everyone. It is not a betrayal of my reputation to make more affordable artwork. Many great painters, from Albrecht Durer to Picasso, created affordable prints. My jewelry is my equivalent of prints. To that end, I developed the small wearable sculptures appearing on this site. You can pass on good intentions in the form of gifts of wearable art for yourself or others, so everyone can enjoy Art-Instead.